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Dizzy Lizzy

VPB #9 ~ Dizzy Lizzy
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Product Description

VPB #9 ~ Dizzy Lizzy

VPB #9 ~ Dizzy Lizzy is a “2 moves to open” puzzle box.  This particular wood box was sourced from a local antique store.  It had curious beginnings, …it appears that a 13 year old boy made this while he was in a Juvenille Detention Center, or so it looks like from the signature scratched into the bottom.  He also chip carved a small star into the front adding oodles of charm, a nice idea if you are building one from scratch.

This puzzle box design works on centrifugal force, though completely different in the way it happens internally from VPB #6 ~ Nips.  I do enjoy finding more than one way to execute an expected mechanical action, so expect more centrifugal mechanism types in the coming months if thats your bent.

A weekend in the shop is all it takes to build this little wonder.

Requirements:  This locking mechanism works for boxes with lids that lift straight up and have no hinges.  This project is made much easier by building one from the beginning as you can leave the bottom off in order to get everything aligned properly during construction.

Space Available:  This locking mechanism takes up the entire inner cavity leaving no room for random chocolates.

Skill Level: 2


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