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VPB #2
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Product Description

VPB #2

Vintage Puzzle Box #2, aka Barky has had an interesting metamorphosis from a uniquely attractive little box, to being transformed into an even more amazing “three moves to open” puzzle box.  This Bark inlay box was sourced at an antique store, so not much can be mentioned regarding the origninal wood species that the bark came from.  A fun and easy puzzle box to build.

Requirements:  This locking system works best with other little boxes that have the same sort of lid type in the way that it operates.  There is an internal lining inside the lower half that allows the top lid portion to slid over allowing for a snug fit.

Available Storage:   Some puzzle boxes have mechanical designs that allow for an amount of useable storage, this is not the case with this design which consumes an awkward amount of usable interior space.

Skill Level: 1

VPB # 2 - Open


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