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VPB #10
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Product Description

VPB 10 Resized

Vintage Puzzle Box #10  – Meta is a time worn piece that has been retrofitted into a “5 moves to open” mechanical puzzle box. The only clue that it is a puzzle box at all is the small dowel that sticks out at the back of the lid. In about a weekend you too can build this clever locking system into just about any box.

Requirements:  This box was a bit larger than some that I have started with and it does give a nice space to work with inside, though going slightly smaller would be ok too.   The inside of the lid has about 1″ of headroom which is important as mostly all of this locking system is contained in the lid half of the box.

Space available:  All of this mechanism fits very neatly into the lid cavity, leaving the whole bottom area for storage of other secret stuff, …like taped notes, …but since the box needs to be turned upside down to solve, putting anything unsecured in there might not be wise as it could interfere with the mechanism.

Skill Level: 2


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