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Secret Door Release

Secret Door Release Mechanism
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Product Description


Secret Door Release – If look look real close you can see that this rustic style Jam Cupboard intentionally has no knob attached to the front of the door to allow the user to open the cupboard.  Not designed for impenetrable security, but rather just an interesting if not at least a mild deterrent.

Made in the old fashioned way, this cabinet features a simple spinning lock bar (seen in front) to keep the door from accidentally opening. But this  is only a ruse, the door doesn’t need this apparatus to keep it closed, instead it relies on a modern door catch inside the door. Reaching around the back of the cabinet you will find a push button that will open the door easily enough to grasp and open all the way.

This is a simple mechanism that you can add to your project in about an hour.

Requirements:  This modification can be added to any existing freestanding cupboard or cabinet.

Skill Level: 1


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