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Recycled Farmhouse Drawers

Farmhouse Green Chest of Drawers Resized
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This Recycled Farmhouse Drawers is named for the use of the recycled materials used for various parts of this construction, and the clue to the code to opening it. Each drawer is locked by a single dial, not so difficult to open if put to the test (or left a 10 year old alone in a room with it for 5 min), but it is quite attractive as it looks a bit like a buttoned shirt once finished.

In order to raise the secure nature of this locking system, try increasing the dials/drawer ratio by adding 8 dials per drawer.  This would require the dials to be “over” or “under” the working drawer, though you may need to start from scratch and make for such allowance in your design in order to work that in.  If I went that route, I would be making full width drawers.

A fun and easy locking system that you can build into your next project. These plans give a light outline of the base construction of the dresser as it is unremarkable and very basic in nature and focuses mainly on the locking system itself.  How you choose to get yourself to the point of having the carcase built is your choice.  These plans were originally featured for free in the 2013 April/May issue of Canadian Home Woodworking & Home Improvement magazine.

Requirements: Depending on your particular situation or need, you may be able to start with an existing dresser.  The one used here is made from recycled veneer core plywood I sourced from work.

Space Available:  The entire drawer internal space is available for use.

Skill Level: 1


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