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Eagle Nest Chest

Eagle Nest Chest
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Product Description

Eagle Nest Chest

The Eagle Nest Chest features a hidden clock lock system with special adaptations to the mechanism designed to allow all of the operations to be carried out from behind the front panel.  Unlike the Clock Lock System Plans, this design eliminates the need for an external pull on the right side.  The two plans are so different in how they function I believed they warranted thier own set of plans.

Once you have access to the 7 dials and have properly “dialed-in” their individual settings to the correct alignment, only then may you enter the chest.   A video demonstration of this chest can be seen on the “Video Gallery” page or on You Tube.  To build this whole chest complete with locking system and decorative features could well take an average woodworker a month in the shop.

You should note that this plan does not come with exploded diagrams or a multitude of specific dimensions.  I did this because I don’t expect you to want to build exactly what I have built here, or the same size.  Imagine the math you would have to endure just to make this chest 30% smaller?  In this way you can see and understand how every measure and cut has been carried out and all you need to do is adapt this system to your specific project, actually speeding the integration process up.   There are no super diffcult cuts to make or any specialized equipment required.

Requirements:  This locking system should be built from scratch as the lower drawer that is hidden tends to complicate the process if trying to start with an existing chest.  The process for the paint and other decorations were a personal option and not included in the plans.

Available Space:  The drawer has 100% available space and the main chest cavity is also 100% usable.

Skill Level: 3


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