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Clock Lock System

External Clock Lock Plans
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locking puzzle chest furniture

This set of plans will show you how to build the External Clock Lock Combination System.  The chest above features three different styles of dial shafts that affect differring levels of complexity.  This locking system gets its name from the way the dials are used to enter the secret code into the lock.  Each dial has 12 possible “stops”, just like a clock.  Once the code is entered the pull knob on the right side of the chest will release the lock securing the lid.  This design can easily be adapted to be just as appealing for lefty’s.  As you can see in this example, this locking system works great for lids, however, I will say that it works nicely for doors as well.  The more dials you add to the locking system, the more complex and impossible it becomes to pick open.  Loads of fun!

For those of you that have seen the Bear Clan Chest video on You Tube, this is the basic design you are looking for.  This achieved by turning the mechanism upside down and by altering the end with the “Pull Knob” seen in the above pic to attach to the sliding inner compartment below it.  Slide the inner compartment when the combination has been set.  There may be a proper set of plans down the road, but for now that’s the best I can offer.

Requirements:  This locking system is made easier if you are starting from scratch orif you are starting with a chest that you can easily take the bottom off, this allows for fine tuning during assembly.

Space Available:  This locking system takes up a defined small amount of space inside the chest, leaving the internal space made available for storage items like extra rolls of toilet paper or lumps of stinky Limburger Cheese, …yes, I added that just to see if your reading this, lol.

Skill Level: 3

Inside the external clock lock box

Inside the external clock lock box


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