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“I wanted this website to be a showcase for the way a modern woodworker builds security into his/her furniture.”  – Kelly Snake owner of Wood Lock Plans

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Wood Lock Plans recognizes that the economic history of our planet has often been a tale of destruction and waste. Old-growth forests are clear-cut, and wood is treated like a single-use, throw-away commodity.  Trees, they are beautiful organisms carrying a great weight of symbolism.  It has become all the clearer that we owe our very existence to trees.  But our debt to trees goes much farther than this. The development of human cultures and civilization has been dependent on wood based technologies.

We have a different philosophy.

We live in a time where discarding the superfluous has become the accepted norm. Respectfully, we can do more to become concious; to honour the trees that have already given their lives for the products that were made in days past and present. I speak specifically of little wood boxes, the sort of boxes that are languidly, almost invisibly a part of our lives right now. Cigar boxes are a great example, there are many fathers and grandfathers out there that smoke cigars that have long ago run out of re-uses for the empty cigar boxes. When you take an otherwise fairly useless box and take some time to re-engineer it, to be transformed into an intriguing puzzle box, well let’s just say that it won’t take long before you want to make another one.  So, in a time when it can be tough to make an extra buck or maybe you’re just looking to make a unique gift, these little wonders cost very little to build and will most certainly fill you with the positive feeling of accomplishment and maybe even a little giddy once you share them with your friends and family.

The basic recycling concept that is being expressed here is to capture the wood boxes at the end of their use cycle and keep them from going to the local landfill site.  Of course, you can build your box from the beginning if you choose, though I will say a used wood box makes for a great practice run before you commit to a finished box made from some exotic woood that has many hours already invested.  By adding value to what was once a empty wood box by adding a working locking system will serve to extend the time that a box will retain its value.  You can find these around your home, yard sales, and at local flea markets etc.  One of the greatest features of this genre of Guerilla style of Puzzle Box Making is that since you don’t have to start from scratch it allows you to start working on the mechanism right away, and if it doesnt turn out, oh well no big deal on the loss, er, I mean learning lesson of a single used wood box.  If its one thing that I have learned in my years of fabricating mechanical locking systems its that the 2nd time you build one is usually always better than the first.  A few designs being showcased here were especially made from inexpensive balsa wood boxes sourced from local Dollar Stores to demonstrate how affordable this hobby can really be.

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