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~Cigar Puzzle Boxes~

As with each cigar box, there is this quiet voice beckoning from inside that hollow, empty shell, …one that can barely be heard, it whispers, …”Kel, I yearn for a solution for which no question exists”. “Please give me a question so… that others might ask of me, …let me play”, says the empty box. Kel scratches his head and begins looking for the solution for which there was no question, and after a day and a night, and after imagining, stewing and contemplating came guided action. Before long, a mechanical form began to take shape, one that employed coy deception with a smattering of cleverness which made the cigar box beam proudly. And in the years to follow that ole cigar box regaled in the tales of those precious times when grown men would play like boys and find that spark of fun and enthusiasm once again.


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