wood locking system plans for sale


My name is Kelly and I design and build wooden locking systems and secret compartments into just about everything I can find, from boxes to furniture, …mystery by design has become my passion (my kids would argue that its an obsession). This site features plans that have been written with the general woodworker in mind. Many of the locking systems work great for puzzle box play and there are a growing number of plans that focus on furniture applications.

My love of recycling and my passion for wooden locking systems have combined within this framework to allow me to share my designs with you. In this format, by using the vintage/recycled boxes I am sharing with you the locking system specifically and not so much the overall artistic vision in which it can be applied, which keeps my own as well as your own personal brand of art unique. Through this exchange process a new art form has been created with these vintage puzzle boxes, one that displaces the idea that we are a disposable society to one that is moving towards an ever blooming number of eco-consciously aware consumers.  You will see a few projects in the Gallery and Video Gallery tabs that will demonstrate how I combine many systems together much like an orchestra of instruments playing together at once. One particular piece called The Lost Day features 16 different secret compartments with a different locking mechanism for each one, sometimes being locked by multiple systems.  The finale comes when the player finds the treasure with the discovery of the last and best hidden compartment.  Serious about fun!  Another project called The EDOG is a “7 moves to open” puzzle box, here is a You Tube video showcasing how the different mechanisms work together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu-OUSS9-ms