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Intuited Design – One Metagrobologist`s Experience

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Snow Phoenix

Snow Phoenix

How does one design and build a piece of “one of a kind” functional art rife with wood locking mechanical wonders and secret compartments?  How does an artist come up with these crazy ideas anyway?  Is there really a process for extracting tangible ideas from nothing?  And, more importantly, can you do it?


I would like to introduce you to something I now term as Intuited Design, which simply means that I will “paint myself into a corner and have to use my creative intuition to solve my way out.  I have learned to trust/know my ability to solve engineering problems which allows me to keep moving forward.  I guess it’s not as easy as it all sounds at first glance.


Prepare for your mind to be expanded into what might be a new way of thinking and problem solving.  It might sound farfetched at first, but trust me; this really works and I have my current and future body of work to present as my only proof. I invite you to be skeptical as some of these terms may be new to you and I invite you to research a bit more and come to your own conclusions.  Above all, remember that your experience is always the best teacher.


Let’s break it down into smaller chunks.


The beginning for me at least, has always been a little different and I perhaps enjoyed a different life experience than most.  And as I reflect back I see now that it wasn’t so much the specific things that I was doing as it was the way I was beginning to view the world and our existence.  Perhaps there was a far greater benefit to not watching television as a kid and instead playing in the woods and meadows than I could have ever guessed at the time.  Looking back now, I can see that it is at this point in my life I worked on my Spatial Thinking, building all those forts, river rafts, bows and arrows, swinging from ropes in the barn and generally living a Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn adventure actually formed strong neuron connections in my brain, something tv just can’t give you.


Life has its funny way with you, and I think that perhaps being a man of Spiritual awareness, I admit that I haven’t gotten here by myself, that there have been a number of people that have come into and through my life that have left a positive effect on my reality and how I have come to perceive this life experience.  The newest news out in Quantum Physics/Mechanics is how “we” the observer affect reality.  Bearing all this in mind, please feel free to read the following.

First, allow your mind to be open to the metaphor/filter that the whole creative process/experience itself is kind of like driving on the highway in the black of night, your headlights will only shine so far ahead of you and you have to trust and expect that the road will keep going, all the way to your end destination.  Next, be open and aware that these principles are derived from Law of Attraction principles and commonly known manifesting techniques.  These techniques have been around for thousands of years but have only become mainstream information with the advent of the internet age; otherwise this information has been kept secret among the highest of priesthoods for millennia.


In order to begin you should become aware of some terms, like Quantum Jumping for example. In short, Quantum Jumping puts your mind in the frame to accept multiple realities as the way in which the Universe operates, and in one of those realities for example, I am the Master Puzzle Builder and since it “is me” I can link to that version of me in a vibrational way and glean information, like puzzle mechanics in my case.  Now, I don’t get all goofy and perform some weird ritual, nor does it look or feel like what Hollywood might make it out to be, there are no glowing images or walking into another reality for real, it’s more like a level of awareness, or a frame/filter to which I view the workings of the Universe.  I accept my mystical, spiritual part in this unlimited, unbounded reality we actually find ourselves in.  I get that I am a Spiritual being having a Human experience; it makes the most sense for me.


It is funny really, those things that you believe that you “know” in your life.  When you become aware that what you are experiencing in life is based on what you know to be true, you will begin to see just how easy it is to bend your reality in this Matrix, yup, I just said Matrix.  When you first experience something you end up forming a judgement about it, so in time that experience can happen again and if you draw the same conclusions again, you wind up forming a `Knowing`, soon this is all you will see helping you to justify your Knowing in that regard.  So why not make the effort to choose what it is that you “Know”?  Believing leaves room for doubt in your personal communication with the Universe.  Knowing most certainly trumps other states of mind completely in this respect, this is the part of you that is connected straight to the universe, the most focused, and the Universe will mirror it back to you.  It is how it has always worked; you can look into your life and see evidence of it.  How I have been able to use this to my advantage is that I “Know” that I can solve any puzzle building problem thrown at me (so far, and limited to puzzle building only, sigh) and I can construct a working locking system for it.  To get to that level of Knowing I had to attack every type of locking obstacle I could, I would lock up boxes with lids that hinged, slid, and lifted off.  I even started locking up odd shaped objects like liquor bottles and huge glass skulls and there have been many systems that work with drawers and doors too.  Each time I would look to build a custom suited lock system for the unique situations and not settle for repeating past designs.  I pushed myself to learn more and I think this is also part of the process.  I am sharing my experience in  this because I can understand that it can be hard to “Know” something before you have even learned how to become a beginning blacksmith or newbie guitar player, for example, for it to carry the same weight vibrationally, and that is where action adds to your intent to help you manifest.


Action gives reinforcement to the vibrational output that needs to be harmonized with your intent, for me it’s being a puzzle builder.  In order for me to bring my personal vibration rate up to the point where it matched my thoughts, desires and intentions as an artist I needed to build, and build a lot.  It took many years for me to learn how to open up to and trust my creative intuition, and it takes time for the information for your particular craft/talent to be assimilated to be able to execute masterfully through your hands/body.  With each build I learned something more, building on my base skills as a woodworker.  And one day, just like in a Hollywood movie, I forged a friendship with a guy that hung around my shop for a few months who was a trained engineer and he taught me the simple principle of how locks work, it clicked right away and I haven’t looked back since.  The teacher came into my life when the student was ready, clichéd perhaps but that is how it happened.  Was I aware of all this at the time, no, all this comes clearer in hindsight, however, I have always been aware that in each of us is both the teacher and the student, so that day I was listening intently.  The more pieces that I made over the years that had some funky lock situation going on, the more I became convinced that I would be doing this kind of thing for the rest of my living days.  I never let the idea enter my mind that there were only ever a few ways to make a wooden lock system, limited thinking just isn`t allowed.


There is a particular sensation in the body that you were likely never taught to pay attention to, it might feel like a shiny electric tingle in your chest and you feel it when you get excited when you are about to receive something that you have been really wanting, that very distinguishable excited feeling is linked to manifesting.  I have learned you can call up that feeling occasionally through the process; it’s like gas for the journey.  I visualize the great personal satisfaction from clearly seeing the completed piece and the joy it brings me as the builder and the customer as she/he receives it.  It doesn’t matter so much if the image is exactly what the piece ends up looking like, but what is most important is to feel the tingle.


We are all programming ourselves with the words and thoughts that we carry in our mind; these can be either beneficial or detrimental.  When observing your own self talk, begin by being conscious of any time you use the words “I AM”, these are powerful programming words.  Be cautious of negative “I AM’s”, like I am no good at that, or “I am not smart enough” etc.  Instead, I now like to use phrases like “I am an Artist”, or “I am a Master Puzzle Builder”, etc.  This type of mental framing is called Affirmations.


This may be an odd inclusion but I would like to introduce the idea all the same.  I have had long hair for a number of years now, and actually, when I think about it I can see that when my long hair grew in, ties pretty good to when ideas and thoughts seemed to intensify in my creativity.  I hadn`t tied the relevance to it until one day I read an article about how during the second world war, the military did extensive studies on the Native Americans they used as Trackers.  To make a long and interesting story short, I will say that the conclusion of the study was that long hair actually works like an antenna for your central nervous system and allowed for increased senses.  Nutty you think, well maybe not so much.  Take a moment to look at all the images that wise men and women have had over the centuries of art, all long hair.  Even Albert Einstien had some pretty far out hair, and if that didn`t look like an antenna then I don`t know what else to say on that.  Look for the link to the article below.


As hokey as it all sounds, there is scientific merit in the principles outlined here today, and I believe that all artists work the same way really, whether they are conscious of the process is another question or how many of these principles do they already applying unaware.  They say that the one that wins the race is the one that wants it and sees it most clearly, and as you might imagine, all of the above principles reflect a similar state of mind shared with the successful athlete.  So in short, how you perceive the world around you directly affects your ability to receive information and create pieces just out of the periphery.  Probably explains why people get writer’s block when they are under stress to perform as they abandon known methods for inspiring creativity.  The above principles are just the filter or lens for which I view the world; the rest is a matter of trust /expectation.


When I say that I trust/expect the process, I mean to say that through meta-consciousness I have come to know that once I have built as far as I can go, that then, and sometimes only then do the next steps become revealed as ideas or impressions.  It is a process that has proved itself out time and time again, so much so that I have simply come to expect to see results while I  let go and let the process happen naturally.  If I push too hard for the answer, it remains most often elusive.  Often while sitting and looking at what I need to do while in the creative moment, I will get an impression of something (intuition) and I will jot it down.  Typically, I will make a rough thumbnail sketch to help pull the thought into some clarity, identifying dimensions and certain features/criteria.  Almost never does the final product turn out to look exactly like the sketch, but in fact what is happening is that you are pulling ideas from the 4th dimension and converting it to 2nd dimension by writing it down and finally pushing it into the 3rd dimension by building the physical representation of your intent.  Usually, there is a mechanical principle that is trying to be expressed by the idea/image that remains present through the sketch and into the building stages, even though other details might change from what I originally saw in my mind’s eye.


Intuition will pull you into directions unseen and situations not thought of that you might not have calculated for otherwise.  Follow these random and seemingly stray paths, for they lead to new wonders and ideas otherwise left unused to float in the ethers.  It can be an awkward way to produce a puzzle chest of any degree of difficulty perhaps, but for me anyway, the idea of trying to draw every detail in advance seems just as intimidating and impossible.  There is something gained however when you can let go in the now and not to worry that you don’t have all the answers today, that they will come as needed.  I have worked with wood long enough to also be keenly aware of that the first time you build something will never be quite as good as the tenth time you’ve built it. Great ideas sometimes need time to bloom, which is a great reason to justify proto types, sometimes good ideas just need some honing. The idea of just following intuition right from the start isn’t so foreign and can be a lot of fun once you become aware of your gifts.  Knowing some of the hidden principles behind creativity can only expand your mind, and an expanded mind brings forth expanded creativity.



Kel Snake



These links will get you started if you want to know more.


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