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Don’t Let It Out! – A Metagrobologist’s Experience

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              Don't Let it Out

Don’t Let it Out

Don’t Let it Out!

In the pursuit of an ever challenging puzzle experience I thought to myself one day, “If I were 12 again what would I build”? It didn’t take long before I thought it was a good idea to add explosives to the mix. Now, before ya get too freaked out, we are only talking about a micro gram of gunpowder here. The delivery agent is by the use of a single small red caps we (mostly guys I am presuming here) all played with when were kids. Damn, I remember hitting them with rocks, sticks, and hammers etc, but here was a chance to add them to a puzzle box I was almost giddy, but not quite, more like a rugged woodsman kinda giddy I would say.

For the most part, all of the materials were gleaned from my offcut bins and the little red gun caps can still be found in Dollar Stores across the planet. Naturally, it takes a bit of tweaking to get things to work just right as for the draw/strength of the rubber band and the size of the materials being used all add weight and can either add to or diminish the desired results. For example, one thing I did is I drilled out my dowel that I was using as a firing pin and epoxyied a flat headded nail into the dowel ensuring that the firing pin will last a lifetime of uses.

The many holes drilled in this Vintage styled box are to allow the sound to escape but are designed to look like air holes for something living inside, any decorative pattern could be used. The gag is to ask your unsuspecting friend if they want to try the puzzle box, they say ok, and then you take it out of the room to put in a cricket for them (but actually to load the red cap and add a micro recording of a cricket, they have recordable birthday card type devices out now) and then take it back into the room. Tell them to open the puzzle box but without letting the cricket out. And of course the very last move in the sequence to unlock the lid sets off the hammer that strikes the gun cap and BANG! …sometimes there is shitting of pants or short fits of screaming, and falling off chairs, its all very funny of course.

Do I have a devious mind? …I will answer yes to that. 😉

I think if I were to do it again that I might consider rigging one to blow the whole ring of caps at the same time, …though I might need a stronger box and maybe more crickets, lol.

I see an opportunity here in the future to perhaps express the thinking and trial and error process I would experience when creating a new puzzle box, so I expect to expand upon this short writing I have begun today and I would be happy to hear some feedback as to things you might want to hear about about any part of the proccess of turning the intangible and non-existant to the tangible and present made to manifest in this dimension. Sounds freaky, but that is how all ideas become the very real things we use everyday.

Create a Great Day,

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